Private Property

Private Property UK (PPUK), Private Property Europe (PPEuro) Private Property Global (PPGlobal) bring together interactive internet and database technology in a user-friendly and innovative form. Accessed via the web, the Private Property products deliver intelligent searches of four major datasets supported by a regular e-mail news service. The datasets describe the major investment vehicles, sources of capital (investors), investment managers and advisors which together largely define the UK, European and global institutional property markets. Property Funds Research is also responsible for the production of market leading research reports on the global indirect investment market.

As at February 2012, Private Property UK included data describing:

  • 490 UK capital sources
  • 356 UK vehicles
  • 195 UK vehicle and capital managers

Private Property Europe concentrates on pan-European unlisted property vehicles, the European capital sources which invest in them, the European investment managers and vehicle operators.

As at February 2012, Private Property Europe includes data describing:

  • 1,240 significant European capital sources including 850 pension funds
  • 951 vehicles
  • 429 vehicle and capital managers

Private Property Global focuses on vehicles, managers and investors outside the UK and Europe.

As at November 2010 Private Property Global comprises:

  • 1,594 global capital sources
  • 1,510 vehicles
  • 741 vehicle and capital managers

Plus over 6,000 news stories relating to the global institutional investment market

For more information about the Private Property products, call Jane Fear on +44 (0)118 958 5848

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